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What could a bad wrap cost you?

It is common place in the sign industry that everyone thinks they are the greatest wrap company on the planet, some are good, few are great but some are down right disgusting!We hear and see the results of bad vehicle wraps on a regular basis, which as far as we are concerned is worrying, there are installers in the industry that have been on a 3-5 day courses and think they are capable of installing wraps to high end or show room condition vehicles, trust us this isn’t the case! it takes many years to master the art of vinyl wrapping to be able to deliver

higher than satisfactory levels of a vehicle wrap.

Here is one examples of what a bad wrap can do to your car.

This was a show room condition Citroen DS3 with a full carbon fibre effect wrap, in our opinion it has been installed completely incorrectly, there has been no attempt to remove the handles prior to the installation hence the level of distortion to the pattern around them. Let alone the stretch and distortion to what is a virtually flat panel that requires not stretch to the material. not only it this an eyesore but it is now embarrassing for the client to drive, this cost the client £1000, which for a carbon wrap is way under priced for the material cost and labour that should have gone into what should have been a quality wrap to this car. luckily this should be an easy fix buy getting it removed and re-installed by a reputable company.

We recently had the pleasure of installing a colour change wrap to an Aston Martin DB9 and were asked to de wrap an alleged 3M wrap before hand. on inspection of the car we noticed a few areas of concern before even attempting the removal of the material, we asked the client to remain with us during the removal of the wrap so when the inevitable happened we would be able to evidence the issues and culminate a plane to repair the areas before re-wrapping the car.

It has taken us 16 years working in the sign industry to deliver the best quality vehicle wraps possible, we have been trained by the best in the industry and have top manufacturers approved installers status from all our suppliers. We are proud of the work we do and the good reputation we have built, we aim to keep it that way as well.

The finish of work on the below jobs have all lead to direct referrals to colleagues, friends and family of our clients to undertake work for them, this speaks volumes to us about what we are doing right.

So to surmise what a bad wrap could cost you, your pride and joy, it could invalidate the manufacturers warranty on the paintwork if damaged, it will cost a fair few pounds to put right, let alone the cost to re-wrap or re-spray the car.

Our advice is simple, check out the company you are planning on using before you commit to the work being done, their reputation, reviews and feed back from clients, do your homework before parting with your money. you wouldn’t by a house without seeing it so if the installers vehicle isn’t wrapped what does it say about their ability and belief in their skills.

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