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Floor Graphics

Fabulous items for product launches and advertising specials.

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Floor Graphics

Digitally printed Floor Graphics are a fabulous item for product launches and advertising specials, floor graphics are highly effective in retail merchandising by directing customers to specific products.

Being highly durable, floor graphics turn your floors into valuable marketing space.

Retail outlets aren’t the only venue for floor graphics – museums, nightclubs, shopping centres, airports and exhibition halls make floor graphics a must in promoting products providing directions.

Other uses include temporary branding of sports events by sponsors and even Health and safety warning in factories.
We only use approved materials which are very important in production and printing.

Materials must be non-slip and easy to remove and floor graphic decals are ideal for almost any store with smooth, non-porous flooring – acceptable flooring surfaces include vinyl and ceramic tile, concrete, tarmac and finished hardwood floors & carpets.