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A Brief Skip through the History of Sign Making

Sign making, in some form or another, has always been used to get an important message out to the rest of the world. It has more of an effect than just saying the words out loud because it can often invoke different thoughts in different people. Having a sign permanently etched onto wood or a large […]


What could a bad wrap cost you?

It is common place in the sign industry that everyone thinks they are the greatest wrap company on the planet, some are good, few are great but some are down right disgusting!We hear and see the results of bad vehicle wraps on a regular basis, which as far as we are concerned is worrying, there are […]


Simmons Signs Limited goes international!

It takes a lot of hard work to achieve a good reputation in your local area, let alone to the extent where your customers are willing to fly you half way around the globe to ensure consistency of colour, quality and finish. Team Atlantic Splash www.rowtheatlantic2013.co.uk a Team of 5 Sussex based rowers who attempted to take on a challenge […]